Which costs should you think about when attending a fair as a tour operator?

You are planning to visit a fair (maybe the upcoming WTM in London or similar), or go as an exhibitor there, rent a booth and promote your travel business. There are some costs you need to think about, especially if you’re going to another country. Here is a list of things you should take into account when planning your budget:

Space rental, power supply etc.

Basic costs are something you cannot go without there. Space rental, power supply and internet connection are some basic costs you will have as an exhibitor. Space rental can vary greatly in price,  going from extremely low to extremely high. When you are thinking about space rental, it’s good to look at the distance from the following locations (depending on your budget, of course): entrances/exits, restrooms, restaurants, telephones, registration area, doors, elevators, escalators, conference locations and exhibitor lounges.

Stand construction and decoration

The questions that you need to ask yourself here are as follows: What message do you want your visitors to get in the first three seconds? And what do you want them to remember after visiting your booth? Less is definitely more; Do you want them to remember your new services? Your competitive advantage? Or your company’s brand image?

travel exhibition

Catalogue Entries and Communications

The organizers usually make a catalogue for the exhibit where they announce the event, exhibitors, sponsors, etc. Some of them charge extra if you want to have your logo or description displayed in the catalogue. Some exhibitions charge to put you on their webpage, or even where they place you on their webpage. If your logo is smaller, or on the top of the page, if it’s a pop up banner, etc.

Shipping, Transport, Insurance

If the exhibition is in another country, there are travel costs you need to cover. The price range can be different for different transportation types. Also, be careful to consider the location where your accommodation is located and the location where the exhibition is taking place.

traveling to travel fair

Personnel and travel Costs

Don’t forget to think about who are you taking with you, how many employees are needed. Write a check list and goals, and see about dividing responsibilities, depending on the amount of work that needs to be done there.

Client Entertainment (refreshments at the stand, etc.)

Renting a display/tablet is an option. You can take your potential customers on a virtual tour through your services or provide short movies from the last tours you sold. Movement draws the eye, so think of something non-static. You can also use some free items to attract extra attention (like a bowl of candy or coffee for example).

renting a tablet on a stand

Other costs: Brochures, fair promotions, advertising and public relations, promotional gifts, etc.

Pre-show promotions are something you do before the show to make attendees want to visit your booth (social media, email marketing). At-show promotions are activities at the show and in your exhibit that you do to bring in more attendees. Also, you have to give potential customers some decent materials that they can take home or something that will remind them of your brand (t-shirts, pencils, badges, stickers, etc.). Make an eye catching booth – use products, photographs and/or flowers.

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