XML integration with hotel systems

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We wrote about 5 basic things a travel software needs to have but is this enough for the upcoming years? Information technology in the tourism industry is rapidly changing. Nowadays, all travel companies want to be competitive with their business offers and are trying to differentiate themselves in the most unique way.

A good way to be competitive is having the best possible rates on a worldwide range of high-quality transfer services, car rentals, attraction tickets, and excursions. The price of the product offered can be considered as an essential factor of tourists’ choice. A small variation in price may enormously influence tourists choosing a travel company, because of the high elasticity of demand found in the tourism sector. When having travel software, this is possible through XML integration with different hotel systems (3rd party systems). Combining different sources into a unique travel experience is the guarantee of your service.

 Advantages of integration with 3rd party suppliers

– Saves time (no need to enter all of the data into the system)

– Enhances your offer giving your customers what they want

– Easy to work with

– Bookings are made directly from travel software’s user interface

– Gives you the best available prices by combining different sources

– Saves money by extracting the top value

– Provides automatic content update and latest travel products changes

Why is this a good solution

Booking directly from your travel software is an advantage by having everything you need in one place with all familiar actions and options, giving employees the ability to easily see the latest last-minute deals, promotions, and news. It is important to be consistent because supply chain management is crucial for any travel business. By connecting to the best 3rd party systems, you can focus on your core competencies and become more flexible. Flexible actions and decisions are the most important thing for a business to succeed.

By having global distribution connectivity, travel agents, customers, and corporate businesses across the world can view and book flights, hotels, tours, and transfers on 24/7 basis. Not only does combining different sources into a unique travel experience, guarantee the quality of your service, but it also saves money and time by extracting top values from 3rd party systems. Integrating with global distribution systems will provide a lot of benefits like easy connectivity, instant updates, best pricing, etc. With this option, you can have your business centralized and consistent. Having everything in one system helps you to make business decisions and keep track of your income, and it also allows the update of inventory information (availability/pricing) automatically giving your customers the best offer possible.

Lemax Software is integrated with  3rd party suppliers and global distribution systems (GDS) such as Galileo and Hotelbeds.

Following new global trends

GDS on average produces up to 30% of all hotel bookings and this number is growing every day. It is important to stay on track with the latest IT solutions because it creates opportunities your company definitely needs!

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