8 Common Fears When Switching to a New Travel Technology

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The root of most excuses in life is fear. Fear keeps people from growing and changing. The first step towards overcoming fears is to identify what they are.  Here are a few of the most common fears that keep employees from accepting a new travel technology (booking system).

1. Fear from the unknown and something new

Everyone knows that feeling when you have a mobile phone, and you are prolonging the purchase of a new one until the first one literally dies? People are attached to their habits and routines, and so are your employees (to the old way of making reservations). “Unknown” is all that stands out from their daily routines. The project manager must explain the change that is expected. It is necessary to define changes for employees in as much detail as possible. Provide updates so that the “unknown” becomes increasingly clear

2.  Fear from not understanding the travel technology

Every time a new technology is presented, people usually think „Is this a kind of spaceship to Mars?“, right?! Studies show that one in seven people feel their life was being held back by their fear of technology. Most employees are afraid of new technologies because they’re afraid of not understanding their logic. Because of this, it’s important to provide them with great training that will help them migrate to the new booking system!

3. Fear from making a mistake

Projects for implementing technology solutions always carry the risk of failure, which many employees want to avoid. There are millions of people in the world who appear to have a technology-related phobia, so when faced with thousands of buttons, people usually don’t click anything. Explain to your employees that they’re not going to get fired if they do something wrong. Also, make sure your booking system vendor offers support service, or at least make sure your employees get a repeated training if needed!


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4. Fear of being the worst

It feels nice to be top of the league on any kind of life occasion, doesn’t it? Your employees fear embarrassment, just like you! They don’t want to lose their status as a result of them being the worst in working with the system. Everyone has high expectations from themselves, the burden on the environment’s opinion, or thinking that someone else will be better. So, don’t expect your employees to be perfect in the beginning and give them support.

5. Fear of having more work to do

Employees can fear that with the new software they will be given responsibilities they didn’t have before. New statistics, new reports or even new options can result in the “My staff does not want to do this” problem. Involve employees in the process and encourage collaboration. Ensure a quality company culture and highlight the upsides of the new booking system.

6. Fear of not having proper training

Some employees know that they are not informatics „freaks“ and are afraid of learning new things on their computers. They can be afraid of not understanding training or not being good at defining questions. Provide instructions, educations, coaching, and support during the adaptation period and find a booking system vendor that has a whole quality implementation team ready to make your project happen!

7. Fear of having to work long hours because of having no time to learn the new stuff

With the current job obligations, your employees are pretty much booked. You know it, they know it. They can very well start thinking that they’ll not have enough time to learn the new system. Give them time to adjust and plan the change period. If necessary, reduce their obligations. This sacrifice is a one-time thing and it will surely be beneficial in the long term.

8. Fear of not knowing  who to contact when they make a mistake or have questions

„I’m stuck, what should I do?“ – this is what they’ll experience very often when learning how to use new travel technology. It’s important to have a booking system vendor that offers support services. Let your employees know that they can ask questions at any time they experience difficulties and show them compassion.

When moving to a new booking system it is important to understand the fears of your employees and to address them properly. Don’t expect perfection, talk about it, be realistic and take the time! Get fresh tips&tricks for your travel company!  

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