Most popular blog articles for travel agencies and tour operators

In the sea of information, we’ve picked some interesting topics and popular articles from our blog. We’ve summarized it considering travel agencies and tour operators as two different business segments in order to provide the best content. Take a look at what were the most interesting things to read about.

Travel agency most viewed

#No5 How to deal with difficult customers
There are several ways of how to deal with difficult customers. Here you can read about the top 10 ways of dealing with difficult tourists. Read more

#No4 How to increase sales in a travel company? 8 tips for better sales performance
Increasing sale in a travel agency is not an easy job, but there are still different ways to increase sale in a travel agency. Read more

#No3 5 tips on improving your cooperation with suppliers
Are you doing everything to maintain a great relationship between yourself and your suppliers? Check out these useful tips. Read more

#No2 Travel agency website – best practices
Travel website design is a tricky thing and there are a few things you should think about. Read more

#No1 Travel agency system – 5 things it must have
Find out which 5 issues travel agency system needs to cover in order for it to be a good solution for your travel agency. Read more 

Tour operator most viewed

#No5 Why you should change your tour operator software
Why you should consider changing your tour operator software. Is it outdated or is it missing B2B or B2C? Read more 

#No4 10 reasons why tour operator software implementation fails
There are several reasons why this can happen.  Find out what companies usually miss out and what are the obstacles. Read more

#No3 Why to use back office system for Amadeus flight tickets
When selling flight tickets, a back office system can really help your business and create added value for you, your employees and your customers. Read more

#No2 Integrate online booking software with a travel website
It is possible to integrate online booking software with a travel website. Check out how and when you should do this! Read more

#No1 Step by step how to integrate WordPress plugin with Lemax Software
See why and how you can integrate your WordPress website with a booking engine. Read more