Group Tours: Two Most Common Challenges Tour Operators Face And How Technology Can Solve Them

Creating offers for group tours is one of the most complex processes in the tour operator’s or DMC’s day-to-day business. Regardless of your geographical location, it’s a process that takes a lot of time and sometimes results in a large amount of unnecessary documentation. Consequently, it can also result in costly mistakes. Read more in this blog.

FIT Travel: Two Most Common Pains Tour Operators Face And How Technology Can Solve Them

When it comes to FIT travel, regardless if you’re a DMC in Johannesburg or an outbound tour operator in Reykjavik, a core part of your day-to-day work revolves around processing numerous contracts with partners and customers, pricing lists, terms and conditions, back-and-forth communication, creating and adjusting offers and itineraries… you name it! 

How Do Modern Travelers Book Trips? Top 4 Things That Influence Their Decision

Keeping up with the trends and knowing your customer is crucial for any business. To know your customer is to know their habits and needs. How modern travelers book trips in 2022? What are the most critical elements in determining which tour operator to choose? What matters to them in the process? With the world